Meme Space Odyssey Duffle - Large

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Meme Space Odyssey

From galaxy-surfing dinos to pepperoni pizza planets, our new Meme Space Odyssey Collection is off the hook! The only thing crazier than a shark escaping a wormhole to devour a taco are burrito spaceships launching through the space-time continuum. Our new pack has both and more. Hot Dawg!

Care: Apply a small amount of gentle cleanser to a clean, soft, damp cloth and gently wipe. Allow product to air dry.


Overall: 17” wide x 9” deep x 9” high

Product Details:

• Easy grip comfort handle
• Removable and adjustable over the shoulder strap
• Shoulder strap extends to 43 inches
• Exterior zip pocket
• 3 interior slip pockets
• 2 easy-to-grab beehive zip pulls

Reviews (1)

Joyce 14th Aug 2017

Hot Dawg Overnighter

We took my son Alex (age 6) on a camping trip last weekend with this great duffle. He was able to pack his swim shorts, extra change of clothes, a towel, toiletries, flashlight and things. I wanted to separate what he would carry in his backpack vs. what he needed once we got to the campsite. This was the perfect bag size for that and one that he could manage by himself. I see this bag going with us on vacation or visiting grandparents or even for swim meets. Fun pattern too.